Agric. Biol. Chem., 53, 2987-2991, 1989.

Screening of Immunoglobulin Production Stimulating FactoriIPSF) in Foodstuffs Using Human-human Hybridoma HB4C5 Cells.

Koji Yamada, Ichiro Ikeda, Takuya Sugahara, Sanetaka Shirahata, and Hiroki Murakami


We screened the immunoglobulin production stimulating factor (IPSF) in foodstuffs, using human-human hybridoma HB4C5 cells cultured in serum-free ITES-ERDF medium, and found that egg yolk lipoprotein (YLP), lactoferrin, Block Ace, and casein had IPSF activity. The maximum IPSF activity was obtained at concentrations over 100 g/ml in YLP, 10 g/ml in lactoferrin, and 25 g/ml in Block Ace and casein. These IPSFs stimulated the IgM production of human-human and mouse-mouse hybridomas, but their effect on IgG producers was very small. This suggests that IgG production of hybridomas is regulated differently form their IgM production.