Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects, Vol. 6, pp543-547, 1994.

Removability and Permeability of DNA In Protein Solution Using BMM.

T. Hirasaki, K. Yamaguchi, A. Kono, T. Noda, T. Sugahara, N. Yamamoto, and H. Murakami


We intended to show the removability and/or permeability of the contaminating DNA in protein solution produced from cell culture by filtration using the BMM virus removal filter and correlate the dispersion state of DNA with its permeability. We employed the cell culture solution containing monoclonal antibodyiMAbjproduced from the hybridoma cell culture. Dead-end filtration was performed under a constant transmembrane pressure (TMP) of 200 mm Hg. The concentration of DNA was detected by Threshold total DNA assay system. In the case of BMM with a mean pore size of 35nm (BMM35), the permeability of MAb was 0.84 and that of DNA was 0.18. DNA in protein solution was more effectively removed than naked DNA in buffer solution. We concluded that DNA passed through BMM was naked DNA and DNA removed by BMM was complex with protein or cell fragment and packaged in microbe.